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Job Analysis and Job Performance Syndrome in Government Organizations

Job Analysis and Job Performance Syndrome in Government Organizations

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Researchers in strategic human resource management (HRM) have established a relationship between HRM practices and organizational performance, but the relationship between HRM practices such as Job Analysis, the intervening process recruitment, and Job Performance remains unexplored. This book studies the relationship among job analysis and job performance in Pakistan''s public sector organizations by developing a conceptual framework of human resource practices in relation to job analysis, job design, job evaluation, job succession plan with job performance, moderating role of recruitment process and its impact on employees'' job performance and subsequent job satisfaction and employees retention. The outcomes of the present study would be of great attention to the HR professionals and top-management as they search for ways to increase the productivity and reduce the turnover through job satisfaction of their employees. Knowledge of factors that influence job performance will facilitate (i) better method of manpower planning; (ii) integration of HRM into the business strategies; and, (iii) policymakers in developing budgets and long term plans for their respective organizations.
Hypothesized Model and Analytical Tools