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Models for analysis of investments in residential real estate

Models for analysis of investments in residential real estate

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Real estate market provides important investments avenues and portfolio diversification opportunities. This book focuses on providing tools and models for analysis of investments in real estate market. It begins by discussing urban economics and the system of cities. The different forces which interact and help form the urban settlement and the resultant implications for the real estate investor are discussed. This is followed by the integrated space & capital market model, and a discussion on the opportunities present in real estate cycles. Later few of the most critical factors affecting real estate market are used to create a model which would provide a useful way to predict the change in real estate price. An example of the application of the models in the residential market of seven major Italian cities is demonstrated and the results are explained. This book will provide the conceptual understanding and practical tools of analysis to professionals, students or anyone else interested in the residential real estate market.
Basics, Concepts and example of Italian residential market