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Improving the Innovation Strategy Definition Process

Improving the Innovation Strategy Definition Process

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Innovation is becoming increasingly important in business to survive as a company. One of the drivers to innovation is technology. In order to guide research in technology, an innovation strategy should be defined that is well-aligned with business strategy. Making decisions around these two strategies in order to improve innovation is called strategic innovation decision-making. Several tools can be used in order to facilitate this decision-making process. These tools should be positioned to mutually fit and support. This is very important in order to align the two strategies with each other. Based on a case study in a large multi-national Healthcare company, this book develops a tool, processes, and implementation buy-in for making the right technology bets to support both business strategy and innovation strategy definition. It provides the reader with interesting insights on how to content-wise and process-wise balance the topics in strategic innovation decision-making. This book should be especially useful to strategy professionals and research account managers, or anyone else involved in defining investment needs in research to achieve innovation.
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