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Strategic Synergy between Alliances, Collaboration and Innovation

Strategic Synergy between Alliances, Collaboration and Innovation

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This research work involves a study of synergistic view of Strategic Alliances, Innovation and Collaboration in Biotechnology domain from a firm level perspective using evaluation metrics like Balanced Scorecard. It also examines the characteristics of Alliances in Emerging Economies and contributes in enriching the literature.A conceptual model has been referred to here from relevant academic literatures involving Trust, Alliance Governance (Leadership) Strategic Intent(direction),Organization Culture, Knowledge sharing and Internal Business process which enhances alliance satisfaction and increases performance.This performance can be measured by metrics like Balanced Scorecard and an attempt has been made to do that. A model has been proposed and hypothesis has been framed involving measurement of performance awaiting validation through empirical research. This study in its essence, aims to provide a theoretical background for a broader research theme in one of the elements as proposed in the conceptual model and prepares the pathway for undertaking a focussed research by application of various qualitative and quantitative measurements
An Analytical and Situational View of Alliances and Collaboration from Biotechnology Industry with Balanced Scorecard