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Facilitating Expatriate's Cross Cultural Adjustment

Facilitating Expatriate's Cross Cultural Adjustment

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Because of increasing global competition and the internationalization of world markets, the assignment of expatriate employees is becoming increasingly essential for the successful worldwide development of many multinational corporations (MNCs). International expatriates are imperative to the survival of global enterprises in the twenty-first century. Expatriates can become an important human resource to international enterprises or multinational operations. With the economic globalization, most Multinational Companies (MNCs) need expatriates to manage the subsidiaries, as expatriates are more familiar with management techniques.Many companies face a high failure rate of expatriates. They return earlier or have a poor job performance. Their failure cost is very huge in term of direct as well as indirect cost. The question arises how companies are responding to the challenge posed by globalization and increased competition to meet world-class global standards if they do not take interest in training for their expatriate‘s employees.This research is highly recommended for the students of International human resources,International Business.
A Research on the Expatriate roles, reason of failure and their Training