Accountability as Core Element of Ethical                Leadership

Accountability as Core Element of Ethical Leadership

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In Ethiopia there are more than 871 spiritual ministries, evangelical affiliated ministries being one of the categories. Among Evangelical Christianity affiliated ministries only sixty one of them are members of ECFE and they have various operational focuses. In this research the level of leadership accountability is analyzed among fifteen selected evangelical ministries. Literature related to leadership and accountability is reviewed with special emphasis on governance, finance, performance evaluation and purpose of existence. The fifteen selected ministries are addressed through unstructured interview. Members of board and general assembly, documents of the ministries and proclamation of the government were also reviewed. The finding shows that the ministries do not have performance evaluation system. Lack of accountability is observed in their governance. The majority of the leaders do not handle their finance properly. They formulate over ambitious missions, visions and values. It is the researcher’s recommendation that the government and ECFE should play a pivotal role to help the leaders be accountable to the government, donors, employees, the society,& other stakeholders.
In Ethiopian Evangelical Spiritual Ministries