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The Service Quality Gap Analysis

The Service Quality Gap Analysis

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Healthcare management today is very different from what it was a decade ago. The increase in competition coupled with the complexity of patients’ perception of service quality makes it difficult for healthcare companies to deliver services that meet customer satisfaction. In this context, the ability for a company to accurately interpret patients’ needs become imperative for sustainability and success! This study attempts to bridge this gap by providing a framework that will enable a company to better access patients’ and internal stakeholders’ perception with greater accuracy and consequently deliver services that meet patients’ requirement. The academicians can certainly consider the book for a basic understanding of how the five service quality dimensions work in a healthcare setup. The patients’ perspectives and the hospital staff perspectives were carefully handled in depicting the flow of information from one chapter to another. The fine element of measuring the service quality was well explained and used effectively to compare the selected hospitals.
A Study on Selected Hospitals in Hyderabad