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Design Innovation Networks

Design Innovation Networks

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This research suggests that organisation networks are helpful for the development of innovative products in the post-industrial economy where organisations are surrounded by increasing complexities in their external environment. It comprises two stages. First, it investigates both theoretical and empirical studies related to the concept of networks: philosophy, biology, system theory and socioeconomics. Based on the analysis of these studies, it suggests that collaborative networks of multidisciplinary organisations are helpful in the development of innovative products in the economy. Secondly, this research focuses on the examination of key factors, the effects of each factor, and the level of mutuality of these factors within successful collaborative networks. Four successful collaborative networks created for the development of innovative products within the UK during 1997 - 2003 are qualitatively examined. The main study focus concerns the structural relations between the collaborative organisations, particularly the interactions between the main points of contact. The research findings suggest sixteen key factors, nine emerge to be dominant.
Critical factors that can contribute to successful collaborative development of innovative products