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Implementing online banking system

Implementing online banking system

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Over the last decade, the use of online banking services has increased massively but this increase has been primarily in developed economies. With this boom in popularity has come the need for introducing these services to other parts of the developing world. However, little academic literature exists on the prerequisites to implement online banking services to these areas. This book concentrates on online banking situation in the developing country of Cameroon. The fact is traditional methods of accessing banking services are no longer adequate, as the internet provides a new and effective way of accessing these services. This book provides insight on the prerequisites to implement online banking in a third world economy. Online banking concepts are explained in detail with an in-depth study on how the United Kingdom, Finland and Malaysia implemented their online banking systems. The book concludes with detailed prerequisites necessary to make possible an online banking system in Cameroon. The results of this cutting-edge study will be useful to professionals in the banking sector, researchers and persons who utilizes online banking services.
Prerequisites to Implement Online Banking in Cameroon