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Positional Leadership in Aerospace Organizations

Positional Leadership in Aerospace Organizations

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The practice of positional leadership varies within the relationship of interpersonal positions and the level of interactive learning associated with engaging with others, inside and outside an organization. Leaders rarely manage organizations as if other leaders existed within different ranks, yet the learning infrastructure of organizations has to support Kolb''s view of experimentation, observation, conceptualization, and reflection through the practice of disseminating information from a positional perspective. The intensity and frequent use of learning characteristics are directly related to positional leadership practice, generating personal stimulation within a practice, and creates double loop learning experiences. If inexperienced leaders practice varying their positional approach while engaging with others, they can create activities that inspire higher levels of leadership learning. Leadership assessments using positional approaches can help managers and future leaders prepare for higher positions of responsibility.
Concepts of a Learner-Leader Practitioner