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Female and gender leadership

Female and gender leadership

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Leadership, along with its methods and applications, evolves as fast as the business life does. In the 70''s, the progressive implication of women in the business life changed a male-oriented universe. The emergence of gender issues appeared. Moreover, for ages, several debates have raised the under-representation of women in top-executive positions. Today, we want to provide our readers a thorough and contemporary reading of gender leadership. This work looks for understanding, describing and even analyzing how gender leadership issues appear within organizations. This book also tends to provide knowledge for leaders about gender issues in business, putting forward its reasons and effects on their leadership. Our research aims at understanding this reality through gender impacts on leadership and also organizations. The whole analysis attempts to provide business knowledge to MBA students and leaders on current gender leadership issues, its reasons and impacts on companies'' organizational models.
To which extents gender impacts on leadership and organizations?