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Mobile Banking Services in Financial Industry

Mobile Banking Services in Financial Industry

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The financial services industry, specially the retail banking sector, has experienced significant changes in which the consequences could be a competitive pressure, customer requirements, and technological innovation. One of these new service deliveries, which has been presented recently and has been developed dramatically in this industry, is mobile banking which offers a great deal of benefit for both banks and customers. As far as this new trend suggests, researchers in various fields draw their interests toward this new technology as a subject matter for their research. Although there is a great number of a researcher in this field, this still is an infancy stage of progress. No one would dispute the fact that in industrial services, customer satisfaction and customer relationship with management could be a key of success in business. There is a wide range of articles that focused on customer's acceptance and customer's adoption or the role of trust in this new research area.
An Application of Added Service Value Technologies in Banking Industry