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Leadership characteristics of managers of IT and Non-IT organisations

Leadership characteristics of managers of IT and Non-IT organisations

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Leadership is a popular theme both in the industrial and academic world. Because of their unique characteristics, leaders influence the organization and the people in it. A manager with leadership quality can only lead the organization towards the success. In our observation it seems that some leaders are good managers and some managers are good leaders. Business needs both managers and leaders to survive and succeed. There are many deliberations and opinions about leadership and management. This study identifies three critical factors like employee empowerment, organizational transformation and organizational culture while explaining the concept of organizational synergy that impact on organizational excellence. The study indicates that Administrative Leadership Excellence (ALEx) Model is an effective model in both IT and Non-IT organizations to create organizational synergy and consequently organizational excellence. It is strongly suggested to the managements of IT and Non-IT organizations to take special interest to implement the ‘ALEx’ model in their organizations for enhancing organizational synergy that leads to organizational excellence and effectiveness.
A comparative study