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Structural Analysis of Tourist Behavior

Structural Analysis of Tourist Behavior

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Tourism is claimed to be one of the biggest industries in the world and characterizes by its people-to-people interactions. Tourist behavior plays a pivotal role in understanding tourism and thus remains at the center of tourism research. However, the complexity of tourist behavior under various social and cultural contexts challenges researchers in the field on their methodologies because tourist behavior appears to be influenced not by linear associations but by structural interactions and relationships among its determinants. The world tourism development currently witnesses a market shift signifying the importance of some developing countries like China as tourist–generating sources. Accordingly, studies on the behaviors of these new tourists form an emerging research agenda. This book provides a structural analysis on an emerging international travel market, mainland China, regarding tourist behaviors in the context of visiting Hong Kong as an outbound destination. The book provides insights and innovations in studying tourist behaviors theoretically, methodologically, and practically.
A Study on Past Mainland Chinese Visitors to Hong Kong