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Managing Risks in IT Projects: e-Government Projects

Managing Risks in IT Projects: e-Government Projects

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The purpose of this research is to provide IT project managers with a good understanding of the most important possible IT project risks and the possible ways to react against them in addition to suggesting an extended model for managing e-Government project risks through ordering the most important risks and their most effective mitigation plans. In this dissertation, literature has been analysed deeply to demonstrate the background of the project and to determine the most important and noticed IT and e-Government project risks in addition to their suggested effective mitigation plans. After that, two separated models for managing IT and e-Government projects risks have been created. IT and e-Government project managers have been asked to order the determined risks and mitigation plans by using questionnaire. These gathered responses have been analysed and linked together to create the ordered models. These models were used in addition to the discovered relations to combine them within a final one that is useful for project managers to manage some important e-Government projects risks.
What is an effective risk management strategy for e-Government projects?