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Retail Revolution

Retail Revolution

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In today’s competitive marketplace the pressure on organizations to find new ways to shape and deliver value to customer grows ever stronger. Gradually, in emerging economies as well as developments markets, the power of the seller has overtaken that of the customer. Supply chain Management not only helps in cutting costs, but also adds to maintain and improve The Quality of fruits and vegetables marketed.Marketing of Fruits and Vegetables are challenging because of the perishability, seasonality and bulkiness and consumption habits of the Indian Consumers. In addition to this, poor infrastructure, poor equity in SC and conventional small scale unorganized retailers, make state of the art supply chain challenging in the present scenario. The Indian retail market is mainly dominated by unorganized retailers. This Book is aimed for young Post Graduate students of management. The initial chapters include the brief introduction about fruits and vegetables existing scenario and current market situation with importance of Supply chain for Fruits and Vegetables and emergence of organized retailing in India.
Supply Chain For Fruits and Vegetables and Major Focus On Emergence of Organized Retailing in India