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Islamic Microfinance: An Innovative Tool for Poverty Alleviation

Islamic Microfinance: An Innovative Tool for Poverty Alleviation

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This book is based on the research work which is conducted to find out the impact of Islamic Microfinance on poverty. For this purpose, the clients of Islamic Microfinance Institutions, working in Pakistan, were taken as respondents. Pre and Post project evaluation approach is adopted while conducting the research and a comparison is made between the data of 2009 and 2012. Islamic Microfinance is an emerging industry in Pakistan. It has vast potential to merge the mission of microfinance to reach the poor and give them financial access with the Islamic principle of concern for the miserable. This book is useful for the Islamic Microfinance Institutions working in Pakistan or in any other country in the world in order to make better strategies for Islamic Microfinance. Moreover, this book will be helpful and an informative read for the researchers working in the field of Islamic Microfinance.
Islamic Microfinance Management and its Implications on Poverty: A Client Oriented Approach from Pakistan