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Managing Innovation to develop Capabilities in high-technology Firms

Managing Innovation to develop Capabilities in high-technology Firms

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Innovation is the key to long-term corporate sustainability and survival. Managing the Innovation Cycle from “idea to market” in organisations involves high risk of failure and long timeframes. Large injections of capital are required over many years to develop new products. There are very few exhaustive empirical studies based on recent rigorous research. Therefore, this book provides case studies and analysis of highly innovative companies. It highlights the need for new management approaches, global strategic alliances with smart partners and executive team leadership. This book explains why some companies succeed in highly competitive global markets. This book will be especially useful to managers and executives focused on making their organisations more innovative and sustainable in the long-term. This book is particularly relevant to project managers and venture capitalists engaged in entrepreneurial high-risk ventures in new emergent industries. Policy makers in government and corporate sectors will also find the book useful. In particular, the case studies in this book will be useful to students and teachers of Innovation and Business Management.
Benefits of Developing Innovation Capabilities in Firms, Management Strategies and Practices, Commercialization of Research in Global Markets