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Risk, Innovation

Risk, Innovation

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In most industries, public and private organizations are increasingly vulnerable to risk. Examples are safety, financial, and reputation risks. Experience teaches that managing risk is difficult. Applying risk management is even more difficult. Nevertheless, implementing risk management in organizations, by making it a routine at all organizational levels, is the most difficult. This is an ill-defined and messy problem and consequently large sums of money are wasted. This book describes the first scientifically developed and practically tested approach for implementing risk management in organizations. It provides an entirely different risk management paradigm, by exploring and synthesizing risk management, innovation management, and change management. The research resulted in a number of practical models and instruments. These facilitate designing, preparing, executing, monitoring, and improving risk management implementation. Therefore, this book is particularly useful for anyone interested in optimizing risk management in organizations, including scholars and students, executives and managers, and professionals and consultants.
Design Propositions for Implementing Risk Management in Organizations