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Difference in leadership views

Difference in leadership views

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In the light of globalization and high presence of western companies in the territory of Kazakhstan, this project examines the differences in views of three Kazakh leaders and mainstream western views existing in academic literature. It will explore the views of various western authors in terms of leadership issues. Accordingly, it utilizes qualitative research method, which consisted of three interviews with leaders operating in different business sectors and the government. The interviews address the questions that enables to identify the difference in perception to such dimensions as Assertiveness, Future orientation, Gender differentiation, Uncertainty avoidance, Power distance, Institutional emphasis on, collectivism versus individualism, In-group collectivism, Performance orientation, Humane orientation. The paper incorporates the discussion of the main findings and suggests the direction for future considerations based on the results.
How do three leaders operating in different sectors of business in Kazakhstan view the role played by their leadership