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An Analysis of Investment Options Appraisal Methodology

An Analysis of Investment Options Appraisal Methodology

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This book provides a brief understanding and analysis of Investment Options Appraisal Methodology adopted by the Glasgow Housing Association Ltd. (GHA) - One of the largest social housing organisations in Europe. The main focus of this book is to examine the financial appraisal methodology of GHA. We provide a critical discussion on the assumptions built in the Cash Flow Model, necessary for understanding the working of the model. The author also develops a non-financial appraisal methodology based on weighting & scoring technique. The overall decision making is then enhanced using an innovative decision-tree technique that enables combined decision making based on both financial & non-financial appraisals. The book further recommends for incorporating risk analysis using Monte-Carlo Simulation to account for the uncertain assumptions built in the model. This book would be ideal for finance professionals & managers in social housing industry, around the world, seeking to understand the investment options and their appraisals. The readers can contact the author directly on his personal email - hpardasani1@gmail.com for any queries.
The Practice of Glasgow Housing Association