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Risk Analysis in Life Insurance Industry

Risk Analysis in Life Insurance Industry

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Life insurance is a professional service that is characterized by high involvement of the consumer due to the importance of tailoring specific needs, the variability of the plans available in the market and the need to involve the consumer in every aspect of the transaction. Hence, a great deal of sensitivity is needed in dealing with the customers of insurance policies. However, the protection of policyholders' interests and customer satisfaction are the most important issues which are to be taken care of after the privatization of the industry. With the opening up of life insurance industry in India a number of questions comes to ones mind regarding this move of the government. The big question is that how far this move as apart of structural adjustment program initiated by the govt. will prove to be a blessing for the Indian masses and the economy. Previous experiences of flew by night plantation companies,sensitive stock market always pose a fear in the mind of the Indian masses about the security of the money and future. So the present project is being undertaken with a view to find the challenges before LIC and private insurance companies.
A Case Study of Indian Market Players