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Crisis Leadership: How to cope with uncertainty and chaos

Crisis Leadership: How to cope with uncertainty and chaos

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The Terrorist attacks of September 11 (9/11) and the tragedy happened in Japan the last 11th march are well known by everybody around the world. These tragic events resulted with lots of human and financial losses. In front of their televisions people have seen results and aspects of a typical crisis event. In general, crisis possesses a bad connotation in people mind. But the concept of crisis is not as categorical as it seems to be. We focused our attention on the optimistic aspects of a crisis so we have limited our research by considering crisis as an opportunity. A crisis can also be represented as a decisive moment for a company; the board of management has to take important decisions under pressure to emerge out the crisis and come back to a normal situation, so we have also limited our research to the decision making process under crisis. We used many different points of views considering the fact that this can engender paradoxes. Besides, we emphasized the optimistic side of critical events often unknown.
An optimistic view