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Vegetable Retail Logistics

Vegetable Retail Logistics

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The global retail industry is evolving towards organised trading. Vegetable retail is not an exception and rise of supermarkets selling vegetables is unprecedented. The rapid restructuring of vegetable retail in a developing economy encounters entry of corporate. Their entry in to the fragmented vegetable retail market redefines the whole logistical practice. This has created shift of customers from traditional to organised retail and also displace small neighbourhood stores. This book seeks to outline the different business models in vegetable retail in the context of emerging economy, impacts of entry of organised retailers and customer’s preference in selection of vegetable retailers. The work described in this book is development and discussion of empirically developed logistical models and customer choice criteria in selection of vegetable retailers mapping into structural equation model. System Dynamics simulation model approach describes the vegetable retailers selection in different market and economical scenarios. The book is especially useful to the professionals and students from marketing field and particularly those who are having interest in retail sector.
Business Models and Retailer Selection