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Transcultural Project Leadership

Transcultural Project Leadership

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Projects are temporary organizations and a lack of effective project leadership has been cited as a major cause of costly project failure, overriding most organizational factors. In the rapidly globalizing 21st century, the challenge of project leadership is compounded further by cross-cultural factors as projects around the world are being increasingly peppered with multi-ethnic participants. The overarching question underpinning this study is: What are the key behavioral characteristics for effective transcultural project leadership of projects composed of multi-ethnic teams? This novel global research of successful international project managers, program managers, consultants, and team members examines the confluence of organizational leadership, cross-cultural management, project management, and team dynamics to identify behavioral patterns likely to result in effective transcultural project leadership. For project managers, program managers, and other project practitioners—as well as international managers across various industries—this study yields ‘best practice’ guidelines for successful project leadership, training, and evaluation in transcultural project environments.
A Model for International Project Success