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Supply Chain Risk Mangement in Ammonia Refurbishment Projects

Supply Chain Risk Mangement in Ammonia Refurbishment Projects

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Ammonia plants run 24/7 days operations. With these operating conditions, the equipment needs repairs and refurbishments to improve their efficiency and reliability in capital-intensive projects. The risks are expected with the large number of planned and unplanned activities to be accomplished in the project. The supply chain supporting the project is embedded with risks. A number of risk management systems are applicable for projects and supply chain risks – but none designed specifically for the ammonia industry. A conceptual model, called the experiential risk planning model was developed from theoretical ones and experiential input from supply chain professionals in the industry. The robustness of the model was ascertained by the supply chain professionals. Each component of the model can independently help the supply chain professional plan for the supply chain risks associated with the refurbishment project. When the effects of the components are combined, the supply chain professionals benefit from their elemental synergies in planning for the risks.
Experiential Risk Planning Model