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An Analysis of HRD in Secondary Schools Mauritius

An Analysis of HRD in Secondary Schools Mauritius

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In the actual stage of economic development of Mauritius, the importance of human resource development (HRD) is emphasised in various spheres of professional life. In this perspective, the researcher considers the relevance of HRD in a challenging work environment which is a public Secondary educational institution where he identifies the existence of HRD and he is interested to know how and why HRD remains important to the sector which he investigates. Human Resource Development is a broader perspective of training which focuses essentially on the acquisition of skills and knowledge, usually addressing the short-term and tailored to meeting specific needs of incumbents; in this case secondary school educators in Mauritius. The research aims at showing how HRD contributes to lifelong learning and the improvement of teaching competences if it is practised effectively.
An analysis of HRD Strategies in Secondary Schools-Mauritius