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Business Process Reengineering :case On Commercial Bank Of Ethiopia

Business Process Reengineering :case On Commercial Bank Of Ethiopia

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This research work is done with a focus on the pre and post business process reengineering of CBE targeted to improve service quality and satisfy customers. The work tries to investigate and assess how the bank uses BPR as a tool to keep its customers satisfied, retain its customers and attract new ones. The bank integrate their most valuable resources like employees, technology, physical resources, governing system to the best possible way so that the service quality will be enhanced to the level which keeps customers satisfied. The result of the research work gave the researchers a ground to conclude that the bank has undergone many changes in connection with BPR implementation like empowering employees and introducing new service delivery systems and customer satisfaction is enhanced to a great extent. The business world changes every day and CBE has started its big improvements but the researchers would like to infer continuous efforts has to be made to meet the bank’s vision of becoming a world class bank.
Customer Satisfaction, Employee Empowerment And Service Quality