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Effect of Emotional Intelligence on Bank Success

Effect of Emotional Intelligence on Bank Success

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This book is the result of many years of management experience in First Bank of Nigeria Plc, persistent self-study, education and research. It was essentially motivated by my desire to provide a study and/or training window on the construct of Emotional intelligence (EI) that will be easily understood by emerging researchers including undergraduate and postgraduate students, consultants, trainers, trainees and teachers, especially in the area of Personnel and Human Resources Management. This book is designed to serve the following main purposes: • A baseline reference material for Emotional Intelligence Researchers, including undergraduate and postgraduate students. • Provide study material for Personnel and Human Resources Practitioners and teachers in management sciences’ research. • Provide educational planners with the necessary information for the formulation of their course contents. • Guide the banking industry in its hiring processes, as a remedy for the frequent banking crises. • The general public will benefit by learning the usefulness of emotional literacy.