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GAP Analysis of Env., Health & Safety Mgt. Systems - Highway Project

GAP Analysis of Env., Health & Safety Mgt. Systems - Highway Project

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Construction industry is an integral part of infrastructure sectors, like irrigation, roads, transportation, telecommunications and energy, which lead to economic growth & development of the country. GAP Analysis is an important method for identification organizational & operational policy, practices & their effectiveness against EHSMS programme. It is meant to identify the basic direction as well as specific area of action where environment of the site & safety performance has to be improved. It is also tool for ensuring, that the site’s operation & maintenance procedure match the intent & the standards. GAP Analysis seeks to review operating procedures & identify steps & methods that can be changed so as to reduce environment & safety problems by reviewing adequacy of maintenance & environment, safety inspection. Improving the EHS standards & practices, results in pollution & accident free work environment, saves valuable human life & company’s property & time. It is therefore essential to conduct a GAP Analysis at intervals of predetermined period. In this book we have presented a GAP analysis report of a road project.