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Personality and Leadership

Personality and Leadership

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The perspectives of relationship between personality and transformational leadership are presented here with five articles. The personality approach is Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) which indicates that people have tendencies toward extraversion or introversion, sensing or intuition,thinking or feeling, and judging or perceiving. The central questions are: ‘Does the personality of subordinates have an impact on their expectations regarding their leaders?'', ‘Does leaders'' personality influence on how they interpret their own behavior?'', ''Do subordinates evaluate their leaders differently due to their leaders'' personality?'', ''Does personality of subordinates impact on the evaluation they will give to their leaders?'' The articles indicate that in all cases the answer is YES. Personality has impact on subordinates'' expectations and their appraisals of their leaders, and leaders'' self-evaluations. This book is especially suitable for those who are acting as leaders, consultants and HR specialists.
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Transformational Leadership - Perspectives of Subordinates and Leaders