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Effects of Leadership Training and Networking Opportunities

Effects of Leadership Training and Networking Opportunities

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If the specific problem that affects the success of a company is the lack of leadership, can membership in a professional society lessen this affect. The Society of Women Engineers was the specific professional society studied. An online cross sectional survey, by means of a 10-point Likert scale, was used on this quantitative descriptive statistical research study. The study gathered the perceptions of the membership (both professional and collegiate) regarding the effectiveness of the society''s leadership-training programs and networking opportunities and their affect of perceived professional advancement or enlargement in their real-world professions. The results indicated that the collegiates and professional perceived tangible results of membership from taking the leadership training offered within the society. The benefit of networking was split. The collegiates perceived benefit while the professionals accepted the null hypothesis.
On Professional Advancement: A Quantitative Study