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Implementation Analysis of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy

Implementation Analysis of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy

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This paper is about the implementation analysis to STI policy in the nanotechnology area. The gap between policy expectations and outcomes, namely the oversupplied research facilities, poor implementation of the education of human resources and the delay of nanotechnology assessment was investigated. With regard to formation process, the reasons for the implementation gap are as follows. Nanotechnology assessment was delayed due to potential arguments to the societal implication based on the unbalanced emphasis on the development compare to the regulation. The insufficient implementation of education results from the delay of master plan for the human resource, originated from interdisciplinary characteristic of nanotechnology. The limited time for the preparation and rigidity of implementing bodies added as an obstacle to implement education of nanotechnology as well as technology assessment. The fabrication centres were oversupplied due to the overlapping policy tool such as research facilities with their different missions in connection with a lack of consensus between implementing bodies in the formation process.
The case of Korean National Nanotechnology Initiative