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Leadership at Mexico

Leadership at Mexico

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Leadership has always been an important factor for human life. In Latin America, leadership is an important issue to consider in the development of Mexican Complex Organizations. There is a need in emerging economies for leaders who can address the realities found in Latin America, as the Latin American economy is strategically important for multinational firms operating in these regions. The literature that forms the conceptual base of this study covers the following key areas: (a) characteristics of Leaders and Managers, (b) Complex Organizations, (c) the role and importance of the Human Resources Executive, and (d) leadership research that has been done in Mexico. Few studies are reported in the literature that focus on Mexican leaders. This exploratory study intends to describe certain behavioral characteristics of leaders who work in complex organizations in Monterrey, Mexico through the perceptions of Human Resource Executives. This qualitative study focused exclusively on a select group of MCOs'' HREs and attempted to locate evidence of 5 specific themes: Strategic Decision Making, Teamwork, Learning Practices, Vision, and Personal Values.
Characteristics of leaders in complex organizations in Mexico: Exploratory study of the perceptions of executives