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The Bible of Banking: Volume 1

The Bible of Banking: Volume 1

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This book presents the Bible of banking approach to managing banks.
The aims of this book are to: define what banking is all about; origin and evolution of money: an overview of the monetary system in the USA: bankng basics: forms of money: money laundering: functions and nature of banking business: historical developments in the Southern Africa banking Industry: legal framework of the banking industry in Southern Africa: external relations of the banking industry in Southern Africa; financial intermediation in South Africa; financial markets in South Africa; structure of the South African Reserve Bank; bank supervision; merchant banks, commercial banks and others; risk management theory; banking products and services; credit management; relationship banking; lending in the new environment; some tried and tested lending principles; effective interviewing for credit applications; checklist for corporate clients; credit risk assessment and management; project finance risk; derivative markets; MBOs and LBOs; securities for credit facilities; company failures the danger signs; a survival kit; restructuring of ailing companies.