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Impact Of Mergers On Employees In Banking Sector Of Pakistan

Impact Of Mergers On Employees In Banking Sector Of Pakistan

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The core idea behind this study was to gain an understanding of the relationship between organizational mergers and human resource concerns. Exclusively the concept of employee satisfaction, commitment and turnover intentions were examined in relation to banks that were being merged in Pakistan. Variables such as psychological effects, cultural conflicts, job insecurity were examined for a possible significant or insignificant relationship to employee job satisfaction, commitment and turnover intentions. It was hypothesized that; employees were dissatisfied as a result of merger, employees did not feel committed after merger and hence they intend to leave the job. The quantitative method of data collection that is questionnaire was used by the researcher. The outcomes were discussed under provisions of research questions developed in the study. This is done through a discussion of the conclusion drawn from the findings. It was thus wrapped up that when an acquisition is made, management should not only focus on the end result, but also pay attention to the human resource factors that can lead to the success or failure of merger.
Focus on Employee Commitment, Employee Satisfaction and Employee Turnover Intentions