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Leadership Style and Organizational Culture in the School

Leadership Style and Organizational Culture in the School

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This book is for everyone dealing with the problems and studying of organizational culture and leadership. The book answers the eternal question: does the leadership determine the organizational culture, or the process is reversed. The leadership in the organisation concerns about its governance and vision. Organisational culture represents a fundament of the organisation. The author of this book uses deep exploring of the organisation in order to learn about leadership styles that are influental for organisational culture. Changes in organisational culture are crucial for good functioning of the organisation. This book explains who needs to initiate changes in organisation and in which manner it should be conducted. Changes cannot be performed instantly and immediately. They are a part of the process that takes time. The book tries to bring two complex constructs, leadership and organisational culture into interactive and correlational relationship and inform us that they originate from the same source. This work has a holistic and integrated approach to solving problems in leadership and organizational culture by putting them into the function of important changes.
change leadership and organizational kulture