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Strategy-Structure-Performance: Empirical Evidence from Tourism Sector

Strategy-Structure-Performance: Empirical Evidence from Tourism Sector

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This book seeks to think through the problems faced by the Tourism and Hospitality Industry firms undertaking international tourism in terms of strategy-structure fit as a precursor of performance. The perspective of this book is that of strategy-structure-performance (SSP) of a firm as being very important in order to gain competitive advantage and to improve firm performance. The point of departure is the ground breaking use of empirical evidence from the Zimbabwean Tourism and Hospitality sector adjusted to the African reality, illustrating SSP Paradigm and the inherent lessons in strategic management, as opposed to many that exclusively look at challenges from a neoliberal and classical Eurocentric angle. This book was crafted with to fully engage students in the task of learning what every aspiring manager needs to know about the theory and practice of strategic management and to provide an attractive set of contemporary cases that involve headline strategic issues and that give students ample opportunities to apply what they read in the chapters.