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Medical Tourism - Building a Competitive Marketing Plan

Medical Tourism - Building a Competitive Marketing Plan

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Traveling abroad for health is not a new phenomenon.In ancient Greece, pilgrims and patients came from all over the Mediterranean to the sanctuary of the healing god, asklepios; the god of healing was located at Epidaurus. In roman Britain, patients took the waters at a shrine at bath, a practice that continued for 2,000 years. During 18th century wealthy Europeans used to visit health resorts in North Africa. But in the past seven years or so, the movement has accelerated sharply. Cross-border travel for health reasons is a $40 billon market and growing at over 15% a year throws up huge opportunities for anyone smart enough to tap it.Corporate hospitals are lapping up the opportunity by providing world class state of the art facilities and to help increase its potential a strong planning at is needed while planning International patient services department. This study caters to the major step of market research and planning to plan an IPS dept. in a hospital.
Market Research : A Comparative Analysis Across Leading Hospitals Of Delhi