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Trends In Educational Leadership

Trends In Educational Leadership

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Currently there is a number of pressing issues which confronting leaders including new technology,national curriculum reforms,improvement of students outcomes and development of professional learning.This book provides both an In-depth presentation of Trends in Contemporary Education Leadership.Thus is intended for Undergradute and graduate students in Management,Leadership studies and Educational Leadership.This book would also be useful as a text in students activities and other leadership development programes.Every chapter attempts has been made to present the material concise and in interesting manner.Nevertheless by reading this book leaders will be able to articulate the contemporary roles of educational leader in the context of the social,cultural,political and historical context of educational leadership and to demonstrate an analytical engagement with classic texts on the administration of educational institutions.I hope this will save and make function contribution to new generation of students and those aspire to become future Managers.
The Important Trends In Contemporary Educational Leadership