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Pakistan’s Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) Crisis

Pakistan’s Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) Crisis

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Pakistan is facing its worst crises of massive displaced population since it was founded in 1947. This displacement of population occurs in the north west of Pakistan due to an armed conflict between the army of Pakistan and the religious militants in the region. Despite the fact that the dilemma of internally displaced persons (IDPs) is quite similar to the refugees, the circumstances and challenges for IDPs as well as for the national government are different. IDPs always remain within the border of their own country and it is the duty of the very government to take care of their needs and wants unless and until the whole situation is resolved. However, if the government doesn’t have the capacity or capability to meet those all challenges then international humanitarian communities can step up to support those deprived people. The government of Pakistan have requested to the international community and international donors for funds and all other kind of humanitarian aid to meet and resolve the crises of internally displaced person. This work reflects the overall image of the whole IDPs situation in Pakistan as well as analyzes and finds ways to deal this crisis more efficiently
Challenges, Impacts, & Approach to overcome the crisis