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Understanding leadership in Music Festivals

Understanding leadership in Music Festivals

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Music festivals are increasing in quantity and quality. However, management of this kind of organisations is not fully analysed in business schools and consequently managers working in such organisations have had to learn from their own experiences and errors. But music festival management is complex. Managers of this kind of organisations need more than management skills alone to be able to face daily activities. Moreover, this industry has changed in several ways and it is also expected to change in the future influenced by new trends in the sector. This fact, together with the increasing creation of music events and the lack of professionalization of the field, increases the complexity of this job more and more. Therefore, there is a need to collect and formalize all the information and experiences senior managers can give us in order for us to learn from them and as such, improve the management in these organisations. Hence, the main goal of this report is to understand leadership in music festivals in a better and deeper way through the difficulties and challenges which they have to face in the process of becoming and being a manager.
The analysis of management dilemmas