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Transformational Leadership And Organisational Learning

Transformational Leadership And Organisational Learning

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This study is premised on the fact that changes taking place in public universities in Uganda have led to new challenges that call for improved exchange of knowledge and information among university staff to engage in organizational learning. Transformational leadership has been singled out as the most appropriate leadership style needed to foster organizational learning. Consonant with the above background, this study aimed at establishing the nature of transformational leadership and organizational learning existing in public universities, and establishing the relationship existing between transformational leadership behaviours and organizational learning in public universities in Uganda. Correlational research design guided this study and data for this study was collected using questionnaires and interview guides. The sample of the study consisted of 330 academic staff from four public universities in Uganda. Content and thematic analyses were used to analyse qualitative data; while quantitative data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, Pearson correlation Coefficients, and multiple regression analysis.
In Public Universities in Uganda