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Macroeconomic Variables & Stock Return Volatility:Econometric Analysis

Macroeconomic Variables & Stock Return Volatility:Econometric Analysis

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The increasing importance of Stock markets around the world has recently opened a new avenue of research into the relationships between Stock Market and Macroeconomic Variables. It is now a highly debatable area that stock market contributes to economic growth or the other way economic growth contributes to stock market. Researchers continuously make efforts on defining the relationship of stock market and macroeconomic variables. It has now become more difficult to define the relationships between them in the context of increased scarcity of resources, bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements, economic crises, rapidly changing political scenarios and high uncertainty and risks due to world wide terrorist activities. This book provides an insight into the stock market of Pakistan with special focus on macroeconomic variables like inflation,GDP etc effecting the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE).
Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE)