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Safico Expansion To Dubai

Safico Expansion To Dubai

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By the year 2007, Safico had 40 employees and was on track to make $ 1.5 million profits for the year with a firm projected forecast for the coming years. The company was well established in Lebanon, is a Microsoft Partner and had some customers in the GCC. Safico main business was e-business solutions that is Human capital intensive and resources. By the end of 2008, everything has changed; Safico is far from the $ 1.5 million profits, a global financial crisis invaded the whole regions and indirectly affected the Lebanese market, Microsoft the leads generator of Safico reduced their marketing budgets and changed their strategy concerning their partners. This situation in addition to the saturation of the Lebanese market pushed Safico to plan for its International presence. But in order to be ready to operate abroad a set of questions were posed. Questions include ways to go abroad, mode of entry, type of market entry, marketing and sales strategy and competitive analysis...
International Marketing and Sales strategies