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Effectiveness and Contribution of Public Relations and Advertisements

Effectiveness and Contribution of Public Relations and Advertisements

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Analysis of the effectiveness and contribution of public relations verses advertisements in the international market in case of Oman. Companies will get knowledge and expertise in the area of international marketing and knowledge of what is the most promotional technique used in Oman and which one is the most appropriate for their Company. This also gives a sign in regards to problems in other sectors of the economy. The researcher will benefit by being disseminate and broadcast new and relevant knowledge. This research should greatly benefit the performance in Oman International Marketing and the undergraduate students in other colleges. In addition, it can be used as source of knowledge about the public relations and advertisements in Oman for students, other researchers and companies. This book shows the variety of promotional tools used in Oman and the effectiveness of each one, their advantages and disadvantages. Each technique has its contribution to the international marketing. In addition, its highlight the future of public relation and advertisement in Oman and which one is more important and popular in the Sultanate... This book is available at amazon.com.
An analysis in the Sultanate of Oman