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International Trade between the Czech Republic and Bangladesh

International Trade between the Czech Republic and Bangladesh

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Bangladesh is a country located in South Asia; a region which has undergone massive development in the last decade. Nowadays countries such as China and India are known as important global players in terms of international trade, global economy, political power as well as many other areas. Unfortunately, Bangladesh still does not have a reputation and status of a fast growing country that is convenient for international investors. In general, awareness of the current situation in Bangladesh is very low. This Bachelor thesis provides readers with hardly accessible information about political, economic, social, technological, and legal environment in Bangladesh, local barriers hindering development of international trade, most traded commodities, opportunities of the local market, and much more. Analysis of differences in Czech and German export commodity structure reveals very interesting facts and export opportunities in Bangladesh. The conducted research results in nine concrete recommendations primarily for Czech companies considering exporting to Bangladesh and state institutions supporting international trade.
Analysis with Additional Emphasis on Trade between Germany and Bangladesh