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Principles of Islamic finance

Principles of Islamic finance

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The purpose of this book is to show how microfinance programmes based on Islamic financing principles can be established.It is hoped that this may encourage the provision of microfinance services that conform to Islamic financing principles and eventually,of course,the use of these services by microentrepreneurs.As well as providing a theoretical framework outlining the tenants upon which Islamic financing is based,this book provides practical advice on how such a programme may be structured, guidelines that can be followed when implementing a microfinance programme,as well as advice upon programme monitoring and evaluation.The target audience is organisations that wish to provide microfinance services that conform to Islamic financing principles.This book is,primarily,a practical manual written from a practioners perspective and it deals only fleetingly with theoretical issues relating to Islamic finance - these require a far greater understanding of Islamic law than the author possesses. Ultimately,simple, easy to use financing techniques that conform to such principles will evolve through experience and experimentation over a period of time.
Riba and Murabaha