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A Study on the Effects of Chinese Investments on Employment Levels

A Study on the Effects of Chinese Investments on Employment Levels

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This book is a result of the investigative study done on the relationship between Chinese Trade investments and unemployment level in Ilala District, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The outcome of the study showed that a significant relationship existed between Chinese trade investments and immigrants on unemployment level in the study area. Therefore, the clarion call is directed to the Government of Tanzania to intensify efforts to control trade tariffs and importation as well as work permits to foreigners that will enable the reduction of unemployment level in the country. This should come with fully fledged trade/industrial policy which favor the development of Tanzanian SME’s and the growth of industrial base. Tanzania’s economic situation needs to be revamped through the introduction of small, medium and heavily level industrialization and the trade sector should be enhanced by local manufactured products. This trend will enable the expansion of employment opportunities to most Tanzania’s youth generation. The Tanzanian government and donor countries should concentrate on ensuring that the trade and industrial base are established for the betterment of and growth of Tanzania economy
Chinese Investments in Africa