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From Brain Drain to Brain Gain: Harnessing Zimbabweans in Diaspora

From Brain Drain to Brain Gain: Harnessing Zimbabweans in Diaspora

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It is generally agreed that the migration of skilled workers across national and international borders has adverse implications for national economic transformation and that until addressed, the shortage of skilled professional and intellectuals will hinder the development of under developed countries which generally experience highest levels of the brain drain problem. This book presents the worldwide phenomenon of brain drain, its causes, detrimental and long term impact and strategies and initiatives proposed to address the problem. Most of these have been return and retain strategies that literature shows have largely been unsuccessful. In this book strategies and initiatives that utilize networks and give prominence to the role of highly educated and skilled Diasporans in the development, reconstruction and long term growth of their home countries are proposed. This is based on the premise that participation and collaborations between those in Diaspora and their counterparts in country of origin can serve as technological and managerial expertise bridges where knowledge transfer and access to resources and technologies beneficial to developing countries can be facilitated.
Using Networks and the Diaspora to Address Zimbabwe's Skills Needs Necessary for Development